7 or 9 Degree Raked Tree Kits

Are you one of those guys who loves your bagger but wants to take it to another level? If so, then the 7 degree raked tree kit is for you! Pricey.... you bet! Easy to install...No way! Is it the absolute best way to fit a 23” wheel and make your bagger look 9 feet long... Hell Ya! Paul and his crew have spent countless hours cutting a chopping until they came up with what they believe is the perfect combination of rake and trail so you can lay your bagger out and still have it handle perfectly! What we provide is a really nice set of HHI triple trees and our optional Rake Block kit that comes with a picture by picture outline showing you everything you’ll need to do to set your bike up right! Yes there is cutting, chopping, wiring, cussing, and expense involved! If it was cheap and easy... everybody would do it!

Our Raked Tree kits come with everything you need so all your stock front end components will bolt right back on! We even include fork tube spacers, flush mount riser bushings and hardware etc… Nacelle adapter kit for Road Kings sold separately. Check out our Rake Block Kit to make raking your frame easy!

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