-Designed and tested by factory trained technicians at Mitchells Modesto Harley Davidson      
-MPAK kits are designed to bolt into your HD motorcycle's factory locations in the front fairing
-No Loss of space in your side bags or touring pack
-High efficiency non-digital amplifier design works within the parameters of the factory motorcycle charging system
-Speakers bolt directly to the factory locations with no modifications or changes needed to the mounting area (Holes or selected gauge removal    required for separate component tweeter installation)
-Includes full step by step color instruction manual for an easy do it yourself installation
-Allows you to upgrade your HD Audio system
and still retain all factory handlebar stereo controls
-Wire hanress and installation kit contents selected by Mitchells Modesto Harley Davidson technicians so that the stereo will not void the motorcycles factory electrical warranty. (At no point in this installation does the motorcycle’s main harness need to be cut!) - (No Warranty voiding “T” or “Y” harnesses to plug into the radio)

 MPAK 2 includes:
(1) KS125.2 Mini
(1) KS6026 6.5” Coaxial Speakers
(1) KS6026 6.5” Component Speakers w/ Separate Tweeters and X-Overs
(1) Motorcycle Wire and Installation Kit
(1) Step by Step Installation Manual

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