23 Inch Bolt On Bagger Trees For Harley-Davidson

23 Inch Bolt On Bagger Trees For Harley-Davidson


23 Inch Bolt On Bagger Trees For Harley-Davidson by Pickard USA. Get the best 23 inch Harley triple trees for your bagger. Pickard USA has developed the first Harley Davidson bolt on bagger tree that has the proper trail for a 23″ front wheel.  If you want to mount a 23″ wheel to your Harley FL and you don’t want to cut your neck, our 23″ bolt on bagger triple trees are a must!  We engineered these trees to bolt onto your stock frame while correcting your front end geometry.  Our engineers reconfigured the tree’s geometry and critical dimensions to bring your trail to 6.5, which is right where your stock trail is.  The headlight and fairing angle is corrected so there is no need for a raked fairing or any headlight trim kits.  If you want your frame to sit level, you can run a 1″ lowering kit with our extended fork stops and still have plenty of travel.  We are so confident in this product that we offer a 100% wobble free guarantee.  Check out the many points of difference below between a Pickard Bolt on Bagger Tree and our competitors trees…

Pickard’s Original 23” Bolt on Bagger Tree vs. Competitor’s Trees

Engineered to bolt on a stock frame with no modifications

 6 deg rake

 6.5” trail (stock is 6.6”)

Stock or better handling characteristics

Fits all 97 and up FL models without trim kits

No need to trim fairing for fork leg clearance on Road Glide applications

Does not require fork extensions

Neck preload adjustment nut is on bottom tree.  No need to take off fairing for adjustment

Slots through top and bottom tree to run brake lines through trees down to the brake calipers (clean and effective for builders)

Headlight angle is adjusted in tree, no need for a raked wedge/bucket

Bottom tree features a double pinch style clamp – much stronger than single style clamp

Kicks wheel forward about 2” from stock

Can use 1” lowering kit and still maintain trail.  Will not affect handling!

Can use 16, 17 or 18 inch rear wheel.  Will not affect handling!

Can use a rear lowering kit or rear air-ride.  Will not affect handling!

3” of clearance between fender and bottom tree (even with 1” front lowering kit)

Can use engine guard even with lowered front


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